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Over many years sightings of big cats have been reported throughout the British Isles.  Today we are still unable to positively identify what species roam our countryside.  We feel it is important to be able to do so as it will allow us to speak with more confidence on the cats we have and will give us all a greater understanding of their behaviour and how they live their lives.  We research sightings because of our passion for big cats and our interest in wildlife.

We would be grateful for your help.  To enable us to research sightings of big cats to our full potential we need to know where they have been seen.  With you reporting your sighting to us it will widen our research possibilities and will move us towards finding the answers we are looking for.  All sightings will be dealt with in confidence and no personnel details or locations will be released or placed on this website.


Please contact us any time with any questions you may have or any evidence you would like us to have a look at and please have a look at our cat identification page.  There are photo's that may help you identify the cat you have seen

                                   Thank you.


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 There may be only 30 Amur Leopards living in the wild, please click on logo for more information.

         Amur Leopard

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We research in Oxfordshire, Lake District, North Wales, Devon and Cornwall. If we do not research in your area we would still like to hear from you.




We have work experience in Britain and America working with a wide diversity of big cat species in a captive breeding conservation centre and a big cat rescue centre.

 Thank you to the Feline Conservation Centre for allowing us to use some of their photo's.  Please click on the photo of the Amur Leopard to read about their work and see more great photo's.  All other photo's by Chris and Steve.